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Exceptional paperboard pallets

We are pleased to offer The Strongest Paperboard Pallet made. These ARE NOT your usual fiberboard, recycled, green, cardboard pallet products. The secret is inside; Scandinavian patented Technology to produce the strongest paperboard pallet available if used correctly. See the compression tests results. These products result in huge savings when replacing wooden pallets. The most user friendly non wood pallet today. JUST ASK US for a sample. PAPERBOARD PALLETS OR PALLET RUNNERS.

  Recycled and Recyclable. The most user friendly non wood pallet today. Scandinavian  Technology... Utilizing high-strength cylinders encased in a high compression paperboard wrap-around for the runner slats. no wood pallets needed -strong, heavy duty, light weight compressed paperboard pallets and runners for cost savings shipping applications  A variety of recycled paperboard products are available for pallet top decking . Although not recommended, see the compression tests results for holding a 20,000# static loaded pallet.

We offer cardboard pallets and recycled paperboard pallet products which are actually constructed of recycled paperboard material not traditional cardbaord.  Pallets can be chosen from ready made pallets to your custom size or pallet edge runners or pallet feet or use our runners and topboards to make your own pallets.  Everything you need in low cost cardboard pallets that are strong enough to hold an amazing 10 tons of static weight. They're strong, light weight, clean, recyclable, and export compliant! What more do you need in a cardboard pallet?

Our Cardboard and runners are:

  • Easier to use than wood and easier to dispose of for your customers.
  • Customers can sell the cardboard instead of paying to dispose of it.
  • Engineered with a patented process that forms the pallet rails from paper and glue under high pressure lamination.
  • tested to hold 10 tons of static weight - see our compression test report.
  • Ship products ready for sales in attractive sturdy display pallets
  • Safety: neat, clean, and nail free pallets
  • Light weight at 6 to 8lbs so you ship more product out the door and also save on incoming pallet costs.
  • Export ready non-cardboard pallets. Meet tough export sanitation standards as well as requirements for disposability and re-pulpability Low cost pallets; lower cost than plastic pallets and new wood pallets
  • Available in stock or custom size non-cardboard pallets.
  • Some amount of reuseability depending on circumstance
  • Runners and corrugated topboard can be arranged in several configurations to support necessary weight.
  • Useable in many industries including retail consumer products, grocery products, manufacturing,

Pallet options available to provide the sturdiest pallets plus 100% Recycled, Rackable, Stackable Lightweight Pallets with Incredible Strength

We will make full pallets to any size..Or, save more by making your own pallet, you may order the runners and decks separately, depending on your needs, and 'build' pallets as needed. ASSEMBLE YOUR OWN CARDBOARD PALLET in 30 SECONDS AND SAVE EVEN MORE
We will happily make full pallets to any size..Or, save more by making your own pallet, you may order the runners and decks separately, depending on your needs, and 'build' pallets Different deck materials and sizes are customized based on your needs as well. Select adhesive runners or feet and just add a top board from honeycomb, chipboard or corrugated all made from recycled paperboard material

OR, JUST PLACE YOUR PRODUCTS IN A BOX AND PLACE THE BOX ON RUNNERS. EdgeRunners provide a support system for existing boxes and displays without using a pallet. They offer strength, durability and ease of mobility in shipping and transport. Runners are made with angle-edge tops for ease of attachment. Runners are available with or without double faced tape and come in a variety of lengths with any number of supports

Products in this Category

compression test Independent lab compression tests on the runners to 20,000 lbs for a static load and they performed exceptionally well. This is beyond the suggested limit but the runners will support high weight loads if used properly.
display pallets Custom display pallets ready for retail promotions and Specials for oranges, avocodos, wine, cheese etc.
Dunnage bags Dunnage Bags are used to cushion, protect loads against impact, brace the load and prevent movement. In-transit accidents happen and they can be costly to you and your customer .
edge protectors and other paperboard shapes Recycled paperboard products to help in shipping solutions. Edgeboards, flats, U shapes, slipsheets,
heavy duty paperboard pallet No wood here - This unique one of a kind paperboard pallet though very simple in its construction and usage it will change the way you look at shipping
insulated box liners Box Liners can be customized to meet your needs. a variety of options in insulation materials from high-durability/high radiant barrier relative performance value to low-cost thermal pallet covers plus eco-friendly green packaging that is biodegradable and designed to minimize volume of waste disposal.
LOW COST PALLET COVERS insulated and non insulated covers
make your own pallets and save more Using our high strength runners and topboards we can help design the best pallet for your needs
pallet runners no need for pallets just add your box or boxes
paperboard frame packing BENEFITS OF A 100 % RECYCLABLE, WOODFREE CARTONBOARD PACKAGING. We have paperboard products to protect your merchandise in shipment.
Who Needs Pallets with the strongest cardboard runners available just set your box on adhesive runners
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