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shipping solution fork lift attachment

substantial cost savings by eliminating pallet costs, reduce labor costs with these patented fork liftroller tynes combined with inexpensive slip sheets enable shipment of more products out the door.

These patented fork lift attachments are manufactured in the Netherlands and distributed by a U.S. Dealer network.  Widely used in Europe since 2003, patented in Europe, China and the U.S. and introduced to U.S. market in 2008.

Rollerfork principal : the fork tine has 2 sets of rollers. When the floor side rollers touch the floor it causes the upper rollers to operate in the opposite direction. the forks slide under the slipsheet with out disturbing the product or allow the tine to place the product on the sheet and withdraw.

palletless storage and transportation for boxed, bagged , stand alone products, tires etc. unlike push-pull mechanisms that are costly, heavy, complex, require dedicated lift truck , RollerFork®  is simple, light wt. , efficient and attaches to your current forklift

applications: food canning -processing and beverage bottling-distribution, feed-seed suppliers, tire industry , manufacturers, distributors, warehousing, retail goods, worldwide exporters,



  • green - reduce consumption of wood to make new pallets
  • green - recycle plastic or fiber slipsheets
  • clean-durable - plastic slipsheets can be cleaned , are impervious to moisture
  • compact - space saving - 50 slipsheets can be stored in the space of one pallet.
  • transportation savings -  light wt. slipsheets (2 #s vs. 40#s) enables you to 
  • ship more of your product on outbound shipments !!!!  cost 500 plastic slipheets = $700 to $900

500 wooden pallets = $7,500 to $8,500

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